Crossword Light

Crossword Light 1.01

A bundle of challenging crossword puzzles

Crossword Light is a game for Macs. View full description


  • Challenging puzzles with fun names
  • Nice interface
  • Useful help tips and hints included


  • App sometimes won't open without full shut-down


Crossword Light is a game for Macs.

The name really says it all. If you like crossword puzzles, Crossword Light is a great app to try out. The paid version actually pulls puzzles from newspapers and brings them to you daily, which is really cool if you're a rabid wordsmith. The demo version of Crossword Light gives you 40 fun and challenging puzzles to start with. If you like what you see (and solve, for that matter), the paid version's only a few clicks away.

Each game in Crossword Light comes with a name that gives a slight hint as to what types of clues you'll be getting. You can jump from hint to hint simply by clicking on the hints themselves or hitting the tab button. The app provides freebie answers on whatever hints you're stuck at and notates them so you can keep track of your own personal progress. If you have to step away for a bit, your half-finished Crossword Light puzzle answers will be saved for later game play, which is another convenient feature.

The only real frustrating aspect about Crossword Light is that sometimes when you minimize the app and then try to click on the image on your dashboard, the app doesn't come back up. It's almost as though it's frozen. The only way to fix the problem is to exit the game completely and restart.

If you want fun and challenging puzzles to solve on your Mac, Crossword Light is a great option.

Crossword Light


Crossword Light 1.01